Hello Baby

September 4, 2018

Newborn Adoption Photography | Broken Arrow Studio

Last week a special little guy came into the newborn studio with his mother. This is often normal for the studio.  In this special case they were brand new to each other.   They didn’t have the nine months that we typically have with our little ones to get to know each other. This special bond of mother and son came about through adoption.

And if you know anything about me and my family adoption is pretty special to us too. This new Mama was overjoyed and delighted.  This new son was sleeping and comfy and cozy. Next week I hope to show you all of his pictures and tell you a little bit more about his story but for today I’ll give you a little preview.Newborn Pictures of Adoption Baby

Adoption is hard, there are moments of waiting and expectations and you assume things will happen one way and then it all goes completely different than planned. But the hardest thing about adoption is the waiting.  Waiting while you figure out your paperwork, waiting to be matched with your child, waiting for it all to become official.   But, in the waiting is when the greatest bonding happens. When you know for sure, without a doubt, that you want this child. And, that you would do anything for that child.

When we were adopting Caroline we came up across the greatest trial of our lives.  We had been officially matched with this little four year old little girl, we had memorized every picture of her sweet face that we could find online.   Then 3 weeks before we were supposed to get on the plane Grant, my husband, got laid off from his job in the oil industry.  The risk of us losing that little girl we had grown to love from afar was great because we no longer fit the requirements. But, in God’s timing and grace we were able to proceed with her adoption and bring her home. Sometimes it’s never the plans that you make but the plans that God makes that draws you closer together.China Adoption Gotcha Day

During that time we knew without a shadow of a doubt that we wanted our girl and we were desperate, begging, pleading, praying with tears streaming down our faces that the Lord would see us through and he did.

This mother in my studio last week  with the sweetest little boy has their own unique story.  The whole family has an unique story of how they came together. I love to celebrate and rejoice with families that have received their new little ones no matter how they come to be a family.  So, if you know someone who is adopting a newborn or a baby in their first year and want to give them a special gift I offer a special discount for adoption sessions. Share to get the word out there to the Tulsa and Broken Arrow area because it is my way of giving back as so many people helped us celebrate our daughter making it home to us!   And because I don’t have any pictures of our youngest daughter before she was 2 1/2 and I know what it is like to wonder about her beginning I will do free sessions for foster babies if I have open slots in my schedule. Just use the contact button 🙂  or email me at JulieDawkinsPhotography@gmail.com

Interested in Adoption?  Ask me anything!  Read more of our story here: https://www.juliedawkinsfamily.com/2014/09/made-in-china.html