First Birthday

July 27, 2018

Tulsa Oklahoma Photography | Cake Smash

What is better one cake smashes or two?  Definitely two. This one was a little on accident.  But I think it turned out to be my favorite unexpected pictures from the series.  I love photographs that capture personality not just a perfect smile.

Photographs that capture great emotions and personality are what fills my walls and what I’m drawn to stare at remembering that stage of my babies lives.  The picture perfect smile I give to their Grandmas and I love those too.  But there is something about the emotional ones that I truly treasure.

This cutie pie sibling set was a long time in the making.  Little man was prayed for and wanted long before he came to make this beautiful girl a big sister.  After so many years of wanting you can just imagine how loved over he is!

I was so excited to be able to capture his one year birthday pictures and cake smash this week.  The thing about cake smashes is that you have no idea how the one year olds will react.  He totally liked the idea of cake but didn’t actually want to touch it.  He has had a reaction in the past to cake.  Isn’t it amazing how we instinctively know when we should probably avoid something for our health.  If only we adults would continue to listen to that little voice we would be much better off I’m sure!

We were able to get the cutest peek a boo pictures with the cake but as for actually touching it…that was a big NO.  So here is where the improv and magic came in!  Big sister also has a summer birthday and since we were updating her pictures it just seemed perfect that she enjoy the cake to it’s fullest instead of letting it go to waste.  She didn’t hold back!

I think this will be a series of pictures their family will treasure for years to come.

As for little man.  Look at those blue eyes!!  And those little overalls!  Seriously, denim on a baby boy gets me every time. When the baby comes to the One year old shoot with the ability to run you have to be quick.  Thankfully, he was a big fan of this little red rocking chair and rocked his pictures!

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