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How to Photograph Your Baby

So you had a baby.  Everything is new and overwhelming.  You are exhausted and a crying mess… well at least I was with my first.  Pumping and feeding was hard.  We (my baby and I) were not making much progress in that area and to top it off my baby was orange.  The “really” good […]

April 11, 2019

Hello Baby

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One Year Birthday Celebration

The First Birthday is such a huge milestone in a baby’s life but maybe more so in the parents.  It is the ultimate celebration of survival through the 12 months from first breath to first steps.  When they put that little babe in your arms and walk out the door of the hospital room you […]

April 4, 2019

Hello Baby

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Expecting in Tulsa 2019 | Maternity Community

You guys!  I have wanted to do this for so long.  I have created a maternity community in Tulsa for Mamas expecting in 2019!  I so wish I had a go to group when I was expecting my first child in 2008.  I had just moved back to the Tulsa area after having been gone […]

April 1, 2019

Hello Baby

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Your Body is Amazing | Maternity Photography

You were made for this Mama!  I jumped at the chance to photograph this sweet Mama who is a week away from delivery. A week away from her fourth baby…all boys!  If I had one regret it would be not photographing myself while I was pregnant.  My memory is not kind.  My memory recalls the […]

March 29, 2019

Hello Baby, Maternity

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Ultimate Baby Shower Gift | Newborn Photography

Tell me I’m not the only one that has gone shopping for a baby shower gift or baby sprinkle gift and looked at the registry and thought hmm… what would be memorable, or what would make them ooh and ahh when they open it, or what would be something that would be an heirloom gift.  […]

March 25, 2019

Hello Baby

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Document the First Year | 2 Easy Ways to Photograph Your Baby

I love photographing babies at their developmental milestones.  These are the stages where they have accomplished a big step in their development.  Things like mastering tummy time or sitting independently with no sudden lurches backwards are things that deserve milestone pictures. But for the week to week or m0nth to month images here are some […]

March 20, 2019

Hello Baby

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Three Easy Ways to Announce your Newborn to Your Friends

You have thought about your baby for 40 weeks and your literally can’t think of anything else after delivery.  Your intimate family and friends are so excited for you and if you feel like letting them know that your little babe has arrived they will probably rush up to the hospital to visit. For everyone […]

March 19, 2019

Hello Baby

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Tulsa Newborn Photos | Timeless

Simple. Timeless. Classic.  These are the newborns photos that will not only document her first week of life but also serve as keepsakes that will last the test of time.  I love photographing newborns in lots of different setups and colors but this setup for a little girl is always a favorite of mine.  In […]

March 13, 2019

Hello Baby, Newborn Photography Session

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Tulsa Fresh 48 Custom Hospital Photography

This week I was invited to a special room for a Fresh 48 session.  A postpartum room to be exact at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, OK.  By the way the updates to their postpartum rooms are amazing!!!  They are big, spacious, and the natural light is incredible!  So if your Doctor gives you the […]

March 12, 2019

Fresh 48, Hello Baby

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Newborn Baby | Hungry or Not ?

For my peeps with new babies I found this little tip.  And I thought it was interesting.  I think it comes intuitively to you whether or not your baby is hungry.  But that first month they go through spurts where they all of a sudden need double of what they needed yesterday.  This is when […]

March 9, 2019

Hello Baby

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