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Alana | Baby Milestone | Sitting Session ~ Tulsa, Ok

This is one of prettiest little girls I’ve photographed.  I just love the little jackets that her Mom brought.  Cute and stylish 🙂  Those brown eyes just draw you in and let her personality sparkle. Halloween is just around the corner!  I love that her Mom brought along her first pumpkin and the cutest little […]

October 4, 2017

Baby Milestones, Sitting

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Charlie | One Year | First Birthday ~ Tulsa, OK

This blue eyed beauty turned ONE!  And she was ready to celebrate.  Seriously if I was her Mom I would have a hard time saying No to that cute face!  Happy Birthday Charlie!

September 20, 2017

Baby Milestones, First Birthday, Sitting

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Reed | Baby Photography | Sitting Milestone ~ Tulsa, OK

Oh my goodness! This little baby boy couldn’t get any cuter if he tried. He has the most adorable grin.  I love the outfits that his Mom picked out especially that hat.  And the little blue outfit is vintage from his Daddy’s younger days.  I love that!

September 12, 2017

Baby Milestones, Sitting

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Emily | Baby Milestone Photography | Sitting ~ Tulsa, OK

If this little girlie is not the perfect example of happiness I don’t know what is.  So cute!  

September 6, 2017

Baby Milestones, Sitting

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