Baby Milestones, Hello Baby

February 7, 2019

Cutest Babies in Tulsa | Milestone Mini Sessions

Baby Mini Milestone Sessions in Tulsa, Ok at Julie Dawkins Photography Studio Broken Arrow

Yesterday I updated my Facebook Cover of my Studio Facebook Page.  It is one of the fun things I get to do periodically to show off some of my cutest clients and their fun personalities.  For me the biggest difference between my newborn work is the posing.  I pose newborns and babies are totally in control of their own pose.  Despite rocking and rolling actions and flailing arms they give the best personality images you can ever dream of.  They know no such thing as a fake smile.  Their eyes don’t know how to hide excitement or inquisitiveness.  They just truly are who they are.  It’s really the parents of these babies that we need to photograph.  If we could only have the freedom to act the way we do when we try to capture the attention of a baby. This world would truly be a different place.  We all end up laughing at the end!  It’s an dopamine rush! 🙂

Music.  I like music in the studio for everyone except newborns (they get the white noise which puts most parents into a deep sleep on the comfy couch!).  Now here is where it gets interesting.  Everyone always says, “I will never ever sing in front of another human soul.”  But I get so many parents who break out in solos and I LOVE it!!!  Because that is when their baby really lights up!  I can sing ABC and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to get their attention but when Mom or Dad start singing Baby Shark.  Well you can just imagine the giggles and smiles.  Not to mention the babies start bouncing as they groove to their favorite tune sung by their favorite artist: Mom or Dad!

All this to say if you are coming over to the studio get ready to sing!  I’ll go first 😉