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March 20, 2019

Document the First Year | 2 Easy Ways to Photograph Your Baby

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I love photographing babies at their developmental milestones.  These are the stages where they have accomplished a big step in their development.  Things like mastering tummy time or sitting independently with no sudden lurches backwards are things that deserve milestone pictures.

But for the week to week or m0nth to month images here are some fun ways to photograph those moments.  First off you want to make them super easy.  Something routine that can help you remember to do it and can make it predictable for both of you as the year progresses.

Here are a few ideas and my professional tips to pull it off.

This idea is super easy.  12 pictures of growth. Put it on your calendar so you will have a reminder to take the picture.  Don’t worry if you miss the actual day just do it when you think about it.

My tips to pull it off:  You will need a partner to pull this off.

Have Daddy lay on his back with his head up against the wall.

Choose a white or solid colored wall close to window light.  Pick a time of day where you can do this consistently so the light is similar.

Have the baby “sit” in the palm of one hand and hold the baby’s head with the other until they are old enough to do it themselves.

Keep outfits really simple.  A white onesie would do the trick or theme it to the closest holiday.

Baby Growth Chart Month by Month Milestone Development

Source: http://www.littlemeg.com/little-meg/i-have-a-1-year-old

This next one can technically be done by yourself with a self timer but it would be a lot easier to show the “goal” picture to Daddy and have them do their best.  All that needs to be in the frame is the baby.    The goal is to take it from the same distance.  Find a wall to lean against.  Have the “spot” be next to a window with a lot of light (preferably not direct light…the kind you can make shadow puppets with).  Wear a light colored shirt and try to wear it every time or at least one similar. Notice the Mommy’s hands they are cradling him in the same position in each photo.


Baby Growth Month by Month Images

Source: http://simplyrosie.ca/logan-belly-to-12-months

A great website to put this collage together is https://spark.adobe.com  Choose the grid option that is 12 equal squares. You can upload your images and resize or reorder each square.