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April 1, 2019

Expecting in Tulsa 2019 | Maternity Community

You guys!  I have wanted to do this for so long.  I have created a maternity community in Tulsa for Mamas expecting in 2019!  I so wish I had a go to group when I was expecting my first child in 2008.  I had just moved back to the Tulsa area after having been gone for almost a decade. I had so many questions.

Questions about OBGYNS, hospitals, options.  And, I would have killed for someone to give me advise like make sure to bring your own comfy clothes for postpartum instead of wearing their gown the whole time.  Seriously, you guys, ALL of the pictures with me and my first daughter are in THAT gown.  The one that isn’t completely sewn together all the way around.  The one that looked like a giant tent.

Sometimes you just need advice and a place to go for questions.  Sometimes you just want a friend to say me too!  Sometimes you need to make a new friend in your same stage of life.  This is the dream for this group!  But it will be what you all make it!  There will be all kinds of ideas and opinions just be kind and helpful.  Make a friend.  Message each other for a date to the library for the 0-2 age story time.  All the babies sleep or eat through the story but you Mamas get a chance to connect!

If you know someone in Tulsa who has announced that they are pregnant I hope you will send them this link to join!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/Expecting2019

Maternity Community in Tulsa A local community of Mamas to be in the same stage of life hosted by Julie Dawkins Photography