October 2, 2018

Family Pictures | Sallee | Tulsa, OK

Sunday afternoon I got to spend with the Sallee family.  I was able to take family pictures of the sweetest family that has been a huge blessing to me and my family.  I first photographed them and the girls when they were just tiny little toddlers and now they’ve grown up!   Abby and Ellie are in second and third grade and are like the most adorable sweetest little sisters ever! Not to mention they have the cutest little fashion sense.   They  giggled and tickled and laughed the whole time.   It was so much fun to see them again.

Tulsa Family Pictures 2018Tulsa Family Pictures 2018Tulsa Family Pictures 2018

Katie, the mom,  was a blessing to me during our adoption of our daughter Caroline.  She thought of us and gave us this awesome gift of a double stroller that really did save us in many situations.  When Caroline was first home she didn’t have the stamina to walk very far and we were busy people. Having that double stroller with Luke as a 2 year old and Caroline learning to build up her stamina walking  gave us so much freedom that first summer home.  It was  the blessing we didn’t know we needed and I was so thankful I got to catch up with them today and checking on their family and photograph them at this stage in their life.

Tulsa Family Pictures 2018 Tulsa Family Pictures 2018 Tulsa Family Pictures 2018 Tulsa Family Pictures 2018 Tulsa Family Pictures 2018

Their girls are so sweet and adorable and they listen to directions now that they’re so big.   It was just a fun time to get together.  I’m so thankful I get to do what I do in capture images that will help them remember this time in their lives for years to come. And that one day these girls will treasure this time in their lives with their parents!