Hello Baby, Newborn Photography Session

December 14, 2018

Fatherhood | Tulsa Newborn Photography

Fatherhood ❤️ although it’s hard to learn something new the Daddy’s that come to the studio are embracing their new roles well! I think it would be hard to be all of a sudden the protector and provider for something so tiny and precious that you haven’t been holding for the last nine months. All the while loving and encouraging your wife through her very emotional and hormonal journey into motherhood. And it seems most of them are on car seat buckle duty taught by watching the hospital nurse!

Daddy and Son Tulsa Newborn Photography

Daddy’s Girl! After two handsome boys he was blessed with a princess! And I’m pretty sure she will be smitten with him in time 😍

Her Daddy will always be her hero! ❤️

Daddy and Daughter Tulsa and Broken Arrow, Ok Photographer