January 9, 2019

Mommy and Me | Tulsa Family Photographer

If you are anything like me you hear the word “Mom” a million times a day…for me it’s times four!  Or five, if you count their father saying, “Go ask your Mom” 🙂  Quickly into your motherhood journey you will learn you are vital!

However, you might forget it along the way as the the word “Mom” becomes so overused that you literally block it out by choice or it becomes almost white noise.

The thing is YOU are the MOM these little ones want.  They don’t want another Mom even though a trip to a playground will quickly let you know their are many Moms to choose from.  They only want YOU.

I find it interesting that I can take my four somewhere and know by the sound of their voice if I am the one being beckoned.  All 100 thousand kids are yelling, “Mom, watch this!”, “Mom, help me”, “Mom, I’m thirsty”, “Mom, he/she tattle tattle tattle….”, or “Mom, did you see me!”.  YOU are the everyday narrative in their life.

For some of us (me included!) I have let choices or decisions keep me from being my best self.  I have become unsure of what I have to offer, unsure of how I dress, unsure of my physical abilities and I have found periods in my life I would rather just fade in the background. I do the chores that make life for my family happen but I forget how essential I am in their eyes.

When I feel this way the last thing I want to do is jump in front of a camera that I don’t control.  Let me take a selfie because I can control the outcome or delete all of the attempts.  (Please… I can’t be the only one, right?) I mean I’m not that important anyways is the dangerous thought in my head.  The next thought is usually, these kids will just remember me being there.

If we switch our perspective and see our lives through their eyes we can envision them cherishing pictures of just the two of us.  They will hold onto those images thinking, “that was MY Mom!”,  “She LOVED me.”,  “She cheered me on.”,  “She helped me do cool things.”, and “She was ALWAYS there!”

I’m letting anyone reading this in on a little surprise on the schedule.  I’m doing a Mommy and Me Mini Event on May 18th.  You and your child.  One on one.  For them.  For you.  I don’t have any details planned yet besides the date but it WILL happen.

I’m making this happen because my oldest son found a picture of the two of us.  He found a thumbtack and put it on the wall next to his bed.  I’m his person…for now. 😉 And YOU are their person!

If you want more information about the mini sessions being offered this year sign up HERE!

Can you believe she had to be talked into the pictures?  She had to put on her brave attitude to do this.  She came so close to missing out on these memories of holding her last son like this…maybe for one of the last times!  Remember this stage!

If you want more information about the mini sessions being offered this year sign up HERE!