Fresh 48, Hello Baby, Maternity, Newborn Photography Session

January 25, 2019

The Newborn Packages | Maternity | Fresh 48 | Studio Tulsa, Ok

This week I have had a few emails asking if I photograph Fresh 48, Birth, Studio, Maternity sessions.  Which means it’s time to talk about what I offer and what I don’t offer.  🙂

Maternity Photos with Julie Dawkins Photography in Tulsa and Broken Arrow, Ok I want to tell a story and the best stories are yours.  The story of you becoming a mother from the Maternity session when you are carrying and growing a baby. When that baby’s first sounds are your heartbeat and voice.Fresh 48 Hospital Photos with Julie Dawkins Photography in Tulsa, OKThe next session is at the hospital during the first 48 hours of when you are celebrating the discovery of who that bump became to be.  Counting tiny toes and staring in awe of the creation that grew inside you.  Along with all the details of the hospital, bracelets, bassinets, nurse chart, grandparents or siblings meeting “their” baby for the first time.  This is a Fresh 48 session.  What I don’t photograph is the actual birth.  What I do capture and wanted to remember when I entered motherhood is the connection in the moments after.  Also, being a mom of four kids (ages 6, 7, 8, and 10) I can’t drop everything at a moment to guarantee I make it to the birth.  I know my limits 🙂Newborn Girl at Julie Dawkins Photography Studio in Tulsa, OK

The Studio Session is within the first two weeks of life typically.  You’re beyond exhausted and life is not fair at how quickly it is moving around you and for some reason you can’t get your memory to keep up.  Honestly, I remember crying over how I just wanted to remember it all and I knew I physically couldn’t make my memory maker in my brain (does that have a real name?) keep up with it all.  This is one of my favorite places to step in a be your photographer.  The studio has everything needed but the baby.  So, if you forget something I’ve got you!  I want new Moms to consider the session a place to come and relax on a comfy couch and let me be the photographer who captures your most valuable and loved creation in all of his or her beauty.  The way you will want to remember them.  Tiny and perfect.  You don’t have to be the professional photographer,  just be the Mother.  I want all the mothers that leave the studio to feel like being here was a gift.  A few moments of connection from a mom with stair step kiddos who knows what it is like to just need a break and a few moments of watching your baby sleep peacefully posed like perfection.Newborn Baby Girl Pictures in Broken Arrow, OK by Julie Dawkins Photography Studio