Hello Baby

April 4, 2019

One Year Birthday Celebration

First Year Birthday Tulsa Julie Dawkins PhotographyFirst Year Birthday Tulsa Julie Dawkins PhotographyThe First Birthday is such a huge milestone in a baby’s life but maybe more so in the parents.  It is the ultimate celebration of survival through the 12 months from first breath to first steps.  When they put that little babe in your arms and walk out the door of the hospital room you realize “ok, they trust me to keep this baby alive”.  And your next thought might be they forgot the manual of how to do that.

Thank goodness for Google now a days!  How many times in the last 12 months did you google sleep hours or training, Tylenol and Advil rotations, how to supplement, when to start solid foods, is that rash normal, and all the things teething!

Mama!  You did it!  12 months!  One full year!  Your tiny babe is now a tiny tot able to hold up their own head and feed themselves Cheerios for entertainment! They recognize you as their comfort and security.  The journey of parenthood has just begun but no one on earth knows that baby better than you!  Your off to a great start and all the moments that got you here should be celebrated and documented!

Tulsa First Birthday Boy Julie Dawkins Photography Tulsa First Birthday Boy Julie Dawkins Photography