October 4, 2017

When should I schedule a Newborn Session?

Julie Dawkins Photography Newborn Girl in Studio

When should I book my newborn session?  

It’s almost never too early to schedule your newborn session.  All you need is your due date.  Most newborn photographers book by your due date not the session date.  Personally, I have a little flex built into my schedule to allow the newborns that come earlier or later than their due date to still get their session done within the 14 day ideal window for newborn portraiture.  During the first two weeks they sleep more and tend to “curl up” in the womb position easily.  After that point their little bellies get fuller making it not as easy to curl up.  Also, around the two week mark they start to stay awake and more alert for longer periods of time.

I only schedule a select number of due dates per week to accommodate the flexibility in arrivals and unforeseen events such as jaundice etc.  Typically, most expecting Moms will schedule sometime during their second trimester.  For my studio, in Broken Arrow,  once we check for availability and receive your deposit your session is secured and it is one big thing to check off your to-do list!  The last thing you want to be doing is searching for a newborn photographer from your hospital room.

Julie Dawkins Photography Newborn Photographer One month old baby in Newborn Photography Studio Tulsa, OK

My baby is already born.  Is it too late to schedule a newborn session?

No!  I do typically schedule 2-3 months out but due to the fluid nature of scheduling newborn sessions,  I sometimes have last minute openings.  Also, while I recommend that newborn sessions take place during the first two weeks, I am happy to photograph older newborns up to one month with the understanding it may not be possible to achieve the type of images taken of a younger newborn.  (The baby pictured directly above is 5 weeks old!)

 Julie Dawkins Photography Broken Arrow, Ok Newborn Girl in Studio

Where will my newborn session take place? 

They take place in my dedicated studio at my home in Broken Arrow.  I have been photographing there for 6 years and it is fully stocked with everything needed (blankets, baskets, backgrounds, wraps, headbands, and bows!) All you need to bring is your precious new baby! Most of time I am either the first or second outing your newborn will go on after leaving the hospital and I try to make things as laid back and easy for you as possible.  I have been there in your position.  I have three biological children and one adopted.

Julie Dawkins Photography Newborn Boy in Tulsa Studio

For more information about the different newborn sessions I offer click over to the website! http://JulieDawkinsPhotography.com

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