Your Photographer,

Your Photographer

Mommy to 4 kiddos!

Mom of four kids in elementary scool 

Bio & Adoptive mama

Heart for adoption, one of my kids came from china!

professional photographer for over 15 years

professional photographer 15+yrs

specializing in newborns for 10 years! I've mastered the poses!

specializing in newborns 10+ yrs I've mastered the poses!

Love surprising Mamas with how great they look in pictures!

love surprising Mamas with how great they look in pictures!

Love Jesus 

coke zero for energy...did I say I'm a mom to 4 kids?

married to a hunky hunter 

The Studio

Cozy and comfortable for you to watch

everything provided 
just bring baby!

everything provided - just bring baby!

The Stories

Aww I love them!!!  It's hard to pick a favorite.  Thank you SO much.  We will cherish these pictures forever. - Kelsie

Oh my gosh, these are so beautiful!!  These are going to be my favorite pictures forever!  Thank you so much! - Kelly

Thank you, thank you for taking such precious pictures of Louisa!  I say often that babies are only tiny for what feels like 2 seconds then never again.  Having newborn pictures let me hold on to & cherish these 2 seconds forever. You're wonderful!  - Bethany

Thank you for catching such beautiful memories for us.  The tears are flowing here! - LeeAnn

I teared up a little watching the slideshow in the gallery.  The photos are amazing.  Thank you!  Thank you! - Lerin

We absolutely love these photos of Harper! You did an amazing job, and we loved meeting you!! Thank you, Julie!! - Elizabeth

I am in LOVE with these images!!! Thank you so so so much! They made my day last week when I saw them and I continue to come back and look at them bc they’re just the best! Eric and I adore them! I keep making all my coworkers look at them too...haha! 

I hope you’re having a fabulous Monday! I can’t wait for future shoots! - Jessica

I'm Julie