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March 19, 2019

Three Easy Ways to Announce your Newborn to Your Friends

You have thought about your baby for 40 weeks and your literally can’t think of anything else after delivery.  Your intimate family and friends are so excited for you and if you feel like letting them know that your little babe has arrived they will probably rush up to the hospital to visit.

For everyone else how do you announce your little one to the world?  We all want a Lion King Moment letting everyone know they here.  But how can you easily make that happen?

Three ways to announce your newborn to your friends.  Three ways to announce your newborn to your friends.

Here are a few ways with ease that you can make that happen.

Traditional Birth Announcements with a stamp are become more and more obsolete. But for some it is a must!  This allows for a printed version that can be kept as a keepsake in a baby book as well.  Go to MPIX.com a great company and easy to work with.  I personally love Jamie Schultz designs.  One of the options you can choose from.

Have no intention of buying stamps? Instead opt for a digital one!  Instead of making a post on Facebook or Instagram send a message via Messenger or DM to all of your extended family and friends.  Do this first before making a post so that they feel like you made a special effort just for them.  It also guarantees they have a chance to see the announcement! Anyone that you would consider sending a Christmas Card to should get a personal message about your babe’s arrival.  Use a site like Canva.com it is free.  They have drag and drop templates available.  Once you fill in your your baby’s stats download and send!  (Pro Mama tip:  This is something fun you can play with before you head to the hospital so that once the baby arrives you can just plug in the actual stats and you are good to go! In other words don’t try to learn something new besides being a Mama in the first 48 hours after labor!)

Digital Birth Announcement

Lastly, after you have filled in your closest people.  Update you social media profile picture.  This spot on your profiles gets the most attention.  You can also click on the picture after you upload it and add in all the information you fill like sharing.


Bonus:  If you have a tight knit neighborhood consider a company like TulsaStorks.com that will put a sign in the yard letting all your neighbors know of the newest community member!  Think of it like a new version of the “newspaper write up” back in the day when people actually read the newspaper.

Tulsa Birth Announcement by Tulsa Storks

However, you choose to let the world know about your little babe it will be perfect!  If I can help capture the perfect images for those announcements I would love to be a part!

Three ways to announce your newborn to your friends.

Three Easy Ways to Announce Your Baby's Arrival.  No stamps needed!