July 19, 2018

Broken Arrow Photography | Two Teeth

Photography on Main Street Broken ArrowIt is really a rare and special milestone that only happens once in your life (hopefully!).  The days or weeks that you have a smile full of joy and freedom with a giant space right up front.  The point in your life where you are completely adorable with that gap!  Not so cute later in life!  I know since I’m genetically missing permanent adult teeth! Broken Arrow Main Street Rose District Photo ShootMain Street Broken Arrow Art Mural

Let me introduce you to Lydia!  Age six, sweet and spunky and full of creativity!  “Pink-A-Mingos” are her favorite animal and when asked to pose like one her face lit up and her body danced it’s way to the best flamingo pose ever!   Lydia is headed into first grade next year at Country Lane Elementary in Broken Arrow. She is going to rock it!  Lydia is a great friend and enjoys inviting friends to play dress up!  Her new favorite sport is basketball and she is currently learning new skills at “Kid’s College” a camp at her church this summer.

When asked what her favorite thing about summer was she said being at home!  She loves her two big sisters and her dog Penny is her sidekick!  

On our photo tour of Main Street in Broken Arrow we came across a few little mice which turned into a treasure hunt for more!  Has anyone heard of the book “Marmie A Mouse on Main Street”?  If not, you should buy one from The Museum on Main Street.  Then go on your own little treasure hunt for Marmie and her friends.  You can find out more here:

We ended our morning at the splash pad in the Rose District!  What a great Mom Lydia has.  After curling her hair early this morning and ironing a cute little dress she said, “Lyd go play”.  What a great memory for them both!  Thanks for a fun morning Lydia!